Fabrication and Welding monitoring / inspection / approval is a part of the Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and Inspection and Test Plan (ITP). The structural steel confirming the quality and the standards as per the IS qualitative certification system adopted. All the material used for fabrication & erection of the structures is as per the relevant IS codes. Full scale of layout is implemented as per requirement such as trusses etc. Match making for drilling to be carried out whenever and wherever applicable. Identification mark to be provided on major fabrication items. We ensure that all material is straight and free from twist. If necessary , it is done as per the approved process and in a manner that material properties will not be damaged. Material having sharp kinks or bends is rejected. As per the requirements, the specified camber is provided. Gold process is used for bending of rolled steel sections & plates. The direction of welding is form points relatively fixed with respect to each other towards points having more flexibility.


Erection of structural such as Columns, Beams, Ladders, Gratings & Handrails is as per approved QAP and ITP. Method statement ,Risk analysis, & SPA is submitted prior to erection work. We ensure the orientation and position, no's of the components to be erected & also ensure the required safety measures and decide the mode of erection. Checking the verticality of the columns, levels & center to center distance of the columns, tightening the base plate bolts, etc is carried out as per the specification, approved drawings, QAP & ITP. The individual structure squareness and the beams coming on the same elevation is ensured. Structures required to be fitted in position is secured properly as per approved drawings details. Bolting/Welding in position is carried out as per approved drawings. Where ever Fireproofing is to be carried out, shot blasting & painting compatible to fire proofing is applied as per Manufacture's recommendation. All the field welds are cleaned and primed as per the approved procedure. All the instruments are calibrated and record shall be maintained. Grouting is carried out as per drawings and specifications.

Safety Methods

For necessary safety & security during erection we adhere to safe erection practices and guard against any hazardous as well as unsafe working conditions during erection. The steel work is securely bolted/ fastened. As per the necessity, temporary bracing or guy rope is used to sustained all such loads that comes by the structure during erection. No permanent bolting or welding is done until proper alignment is done.

Systems & Security

Safety Management In Steel Structure Fabrication And Erection Safety in Construction is considered to be the success of project. But in many cases to reduce expenses, this work seems unconcerned in many projects which results in many accidents that really affect the project seriously. Safety in the fabrication and erection steel structure has always been a major problem. Steel construction is found to be one of the most dangerous on safety and health criteria. Though much improvement in steel construction safety has been achieved, the steel structure fabrication and erection still continues to lag behind most other activities with regard to safety. In the Fabrication and construction industry, safety accident rate is very high. This is due a lot of causes such as lack of workers’ awareness on safety, lack of safety training for workers to implement in the project, lack of PPE for workers, substandard construction equipments, lack of safety policy, safety plan, and so on. We have the safety management system and it has been implemented in our projects. Safety is always a concern and it’s closely controlled. Responsibility and authority with regard to safety are clearly defined. Safety procedures such as measurement, inspection, correction, and investigation are given attention. We ensure that our site Supervisors is always taking care for such activities to avoid any kind of problems. We are following the best of the safety and secure management system in our projects.

Measuring Tools & Equipments

We adhere to best standards of measuring tools and equipments used in our projects that consists of measuring tape, vernier caliper , bevel protector, fillet gauges, electrode baking oven, electrode portable oven, echo meter, tong tester, straight edge, try square, piano wire, dummy level, theodolite and water level tubes, Welding rectifier, bending machine, pug machine , grinding machine , hand cutting set, for mobilization and shifting of material / job we are using hydra, crane and trailers. This helps us to complete our project with utmost safety and timely qualitative output.